Conquer Gem City First Meetup

Hey Y'all! I was lucky enough to get word about an upcoming Conquer Gem CIty meetup for Dayton's art community and knew I had to check it out. I decided to load up a few of my vintage dresses, some original headpieces, and my camera to see what I could get into. When I first arrived the only thing I saw was a warehouse, no cars, and no other people. My guard was instantly and understandably up.

As I crawled through the fence, I ventured deeper into what was truly a decrepit yet beautiful scene. Each direction you looked was full of crumbling industrial buildings covered with collages and tagging as well as vast nature that was slowly overtaking the once standing structures. Once I was deep enough back I ran into the others who were waiting for the event to begin. 

After power got going on the generator, the music started, and the magic really began. I was able to pull several models away to do some quick shoots in my pieces. I got some great shots as well as got to meet some interesting individuals. Overall it was a lovely night of art, connection making, self expression, and fun. I went into the event unsure what to expect but left inspired and looking forward to the next one I can make it to. It was truly a great event for the Gem City. 

For more information on the Conquer Gem City meetups contact Rice Chrispy