Red Fish, Blue Fish, Too Fish' Party Photos + Recap

Sunday night culminated in something we have been planning for weeks. ‘Red Fish, Blue Fish, Too Fish!’ our debut rooftop party was finally here! The entire night was more than I could’ve ever asked for. We had amazing collaboration between so many people to make it a success. From those individual sponsors, servers, performers, anyone else who did any random task asked of them, & of course all those who attended, it would not have been possible without you.

For this being our first event in Chicago I was nervous to say the least! Although, at the end of the night I felt nothing but love & support. I’ve also begun to hear the same from many of the night’s performers. The performances were of course the highlight of the entire evening. The lineup was stacked with great live performers, we had Dee Vower (also serving as our AMAZING host the entire night!), Maxine LaQueene, Chanel Mercedes Benz, Bliss, & JerFay!!!

Backdropped by a stunning view of downtown Chicago everyone brought it to the stage & I know that our audience loved the total package the gals were serving. As we all mingled we also enjoyed signature cocktails & non alcoholic sparkling beverages provided by Yerbaé. In classic Dr. Seuss fashion the night was an eccentric good time. A final thank you to everyone involved & I look forward to whatever party comes next!

Check out more highlights from the entire night below & be sure to follow all those tagged!