5 Vintage Styling Hacks that Will Totally Change the way You Dress


5. Contemporary hair & makeup

  • Modern hair & makeup brings attention to the classic charm of vintage without overshadowing it.

  • Leave behind out of date beauty trends & instead focuse on creating a more intentional look.  

  • Combining big 80s hair with an 80s styled outfit is a major no-no when it comes to seamlessly integrating vintage into your wardrobe. This quickly takes the look from stylish to campy. You want the hair & makeup to look inspired, not imitated. 

4. Mix eras!

  • Mixing pieces from different eras lets you create a truly unique & custom look. For example, combining the sleek fit of contemporary denim with a vintage 1970s crop top is bringing together the best of both worlds. 

  • Fit & style are what really elevates you to look your best in any occasion.

  • Accessories such as shoes, jewelry, & headwear gives you options & are great ways to modernize a look. Everyone knows that any look can be elevated with a stunning pair of high heels. 

3. Focus on a single vintage statement piece 

  • Building your look around this single piece will allow you to really focus on it’s execution 

  • You don’t want something that appears to be competing with itself as this is distracting to the overall look.

2. Take risks!

  • Taking major fashion chances is what separates truly stylish people from the masses.

  • Taking risks allows you to discover what works for you & will make you more comfortable doing so. 

  • Developing your own style is the most fun part when it comes to creating looks. 

  • You alone hold the power to decide what elements you enjoy & it’s up to you to figure out how to make these individual factors work for you. 

1. Wear the best vintage!

  • Acquiring worthwhile vintage often seems like a bigger task to people than it truly is. The vintage you wear however does not need to be designer in order to be worth wearing. So much of the best vintage styles come from more casual & even unknown labels because they imitated the trendiest styles of the time.

  • Online resources like Etsy make the experience that much simpler for you. Shop owners like myself do the hard work when it comes to finding these diamonds in the rough & delivering them directly to you on easily searchable platforms. 

  • If you found these tips helpful be sure to check out my shop where I’ve curated a collection of my favorite vintage pieces that can easily work into your wardrobe. 

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