Collaborating With Hunter in Downtown Dayton

Hunter is a local photographer that I was able to connect with on Instagram, she first approached me asking if i'd be interested in styling a shoot for her. After checking out her work I immediately replied "YES!" I had a great time during the shoot with her & I was even able to connect with several other local creatives while working on it. The photos I got back of my clothes were so amazing! Even though Hunter is predominantly a photographer I just loved her look & thought she would be great on the other side of the camera. She accepted my invitation to have her model for us & here are some of my favorite highlights from the shoot. 

The concept for the shoot was to focus on the grungy yet beautiful aspects of Downtown Dayton. This is part on an ongoing project that I'm collaborating with Dayton artists for to highlight their work & the energy of the city. Stay tuned for the massive video collaboration to follow. 

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