Getting Spooky With Stixen Stones

Just over a week ago I was able to connect with Stixen Stones and do a little photoshoot with her in downtown Dayton. This was our first time working with Stixen as we had only previously seen her performing at Masque. Clayton and I were both fans of what we saw in her performances and thought she'd be great to work with. We were so right in thinking this! 

We love all of the photos, but here are just a few highlights from the shoot.

Stixen turned out to be an absolutely lovely queen and our time working with her was so pleasant! Not only was she cooperative, fun, and down to earth, she looked amazing in front of the camera, and was a total natural. Pairing that with her exciting aesthetic and performances shows just why she is a queen to watch!

If you like what you see then be sure to follow Stixen on her Facebook & Instagram for more photos and information on her shows!