DRAGULA: Search for the World’s First Drag Supermonster is More Than Just A Cheap Imitation

DRAGULA: Search For the World’s First Drag Supermonster is the newest web series airing on HeyQween TV. Hosted by horror-goth nightlife icons, the Boulet Brothers and produced by ASH + BONE CINEMA, the show delivers it's own bit of entertainment and scares for the viewer.  

“The fierce runways and horror themed extermination challenges make it a real scream!”

The series (like a very well known popular television show) pits drag queens against each other, eliminating them one by one until ultimately there is a single survivor. This girl (like a very well known popular television show) will receive the title, the winner’s crown, and a large cash prize. Unlike the more popular program, this search is specifically looking for someone that as the opening credits insist, embodies drag, filth, horror, and glamour. A true Drag Supermonster. Similarities aside, the series is much more than a cheap imitation with a twist. It’s web format, relatively new/unknown queens, and grungy challenges give it a unique point of view and sort of authenticity you would hope for from a show that totes itself as being punk rock. The fierce runways and horror themed extermination challenges make it a real scream!

DRAGULA also represents a turning point in mainstream drag where we too often hear queens complaining about not receiving opportunities because they weren’t cast on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Dragula’s producers prove that opportunities can be created for anyone that chooses to follow their own path and is willing to approach any situation with a sort of tact. Rather than bemoan the success of RPDR, Dragula has chosen to ride the wave of drag popularity and capitalize on the aspects of it that make it appealing to viewers. 

This group of competitors is truly jam packed with talent and surprisingly represents a wide spectrum of alternative drag. Gone are the days of Sharon Needle comparisons for any queen that is inspired by spook! With only 6 episodes the series manages to take the viewer into a world of dark performances, insane creativity, outrageous challenges, and campy humor. The Boulet Brothers themselves offer a heavy dose of humor, critique, and sickening looks each episode and prove to serve as major inspiration for the girls.

The producers have decided the best way to raise funds for the winner would be through crowd funding by the viewers. They’ve taken the position that we the viewers have the chance to tip the performers through their Indiegogo page. Their cash goal for the winner is $10,000 however at the time I'm writing this they’ve received less than half of that. We’ve already donated on behalf of InBetweenBranches and if you enjoy the series then we encourage you to donate as well. It goes without saying that small productions like this need the support of their viewing communities to help keep them afloat. The success of one project is what leads to the inspiration, belief in, creation, and success of another. I have a distinct feeling that after you watch a few episodes you’ll be possessed to donate yourselves... 

Don’t miss the killer season finale on January 16th at where they will crown the world’s VERY FIRST Drag Supermonster.