Top 5 Reasons to Be Excited For October! (aka why I love Halloween)


1. Costumes

Costumes! Costumes! Costumes! I can’t say it enough just how much I love costumes. Costuming is one of the world’s oldest art forms and exists across all cultures. They allow us to take on a new identity, leaving behind any previous rules or expectations applied to us. Costumes can also create a sense of anonymity, resulting in their major popularity. In the end the costume serves as an opportunity for individual expression, what you dress as can offer a true and rare glimpse into the inner workings of one’s mind. 

2. Television

During the month of October the tv networks can’t seem to fit enough Halloween into their regularly scheduled programming! This is the ultimate month for those who love being scared while watching something or binging on nostalgic Halloween themed episodes of their favorite shows. Nearly every major network takes part in this Halloween programming takeover. Many even dedicate special events to it!

3. Tricks

October is the opportune time to conduct any pranks you’ve been dreaming up all year. Halloween has always held a major tradition of mischief and prank pulling making it one of the holidays that endorses bad behavior! Take advantage while you can.     

4. Treats

Candy, carmel apples, cakes! No tricks here, just treats.  

5. Parties

A good Halloween party will combine all of the above listed elements. Whenever I throw my own Halloween parties I always ensure that my guests are having fun while maintaining a consistent level of fear the entire night. Halloween is the only major holiday to offer the opportunity to gather in costume, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and partake in mischievous behavior. 

The absolute best part is that these fun activities can last the entire month! Halloween is not restricted to the day it falls upon but is instead an essence that can last all of October. Taking part some good spooky fun before the day is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.